Wednesday, 17 August 2016


OK this is a weird topic but as I said I was going to tell the truth about everything I write so here we go!

I was at a camp not so long ago and there were two girls in the same lodge as me and they both had boyfriends (there is nothing wrong with that) but they started to say to me "oh my god you haven't got a boyfriend, and you have never had a boyfriend" I was so confused. Why do I need a boyfriend?, it's just I don't feel the need to have one. 

So here's 6 reasons why boyfriends are over rated.

Why boyfriends are over rated

1. You can't crush over famous people you've never met without them getting paranoid. (We know we cant get them but why do you need to put limits on our dreams?)

2. I have lots of friends that are boys and I don't need a boyfriend getting jealous.

3. What if my parents don't like him what do I do then? do I side with my boyfriend or my parents?

4. You've always got to look your very best, meaning make up and makeup is expensive. You cant just go in sweatpants and a jumper with a pimply face. (much to my disgrace)

5. If your that young there is only 2 ways its going to ending either marriage or heart break and most the time it will end in heart break (unless your Hermione and Ron)

6.  And finally how much effort! it's too hard!!

Of course this only applies if your under like 17, but if your 17 and dont have a boyfriend, WHO CARES?

I've always thought that maybe every other girl on the world thinks this as well, we just don't know if anyone else feels the same and one day well all realize that everyone feels the same, and they wont be peer pressured into getting a boyfriend anymore.

Thanks for reading (if anyone is actually reading) if you are tell me in the comments and let me know if you feel the same!

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