Saturday, 26 November 2016

Im Bad At Tests

Warning this might be boring.

Hi Guys

So lets just say i'm bad at tests I get stressed I cry and I have panic attacks. Now a lot of people embrace anxiety with open arms let it become who they are and like to brag about it. Now its weird because it's like anxiety has become a trend and something cool so when someone says to me "I wish I had anxiety, it's cool" now no one knows I have anxiety except for two friends and my parents and of course my therapist but this girl really set me off I was appalled by the thought of someone wanting to have this baggage 24/7 that  stops you from doing some amazing things.

Anyway back to the point I had a big math test and I did terrible in it! Now not terrible like I got 10 out of 100 but terrible for me, I am pretty good at maths but a certain girl shook me that day because of what she said Ireally stressed and I ended up having 3 panic attacks on that day (right before the test).

When I got my mark I went to the bathroom and vomited, I felt terrible about myself so the next day I organised a meeting with my math teacher. Before I even said a word he said to me "don't worry iv'e already talked to the head of the math department" I was stunned by this, he then went on to say that he'd put me in a high class.

When our conversation had ended I ran to my friends and jumped up and down in excitement and might have let out a small squeal. But one of my friends did not seem to excited about it because I would have most likely been in her class but because I moved up it was now unlikely.

But i'm just so happy my teacher already knew and put me in a high class

OK thanks for reading if anyone is
See ya next time

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Why be homophobic??

I'm really having fun writing this blog and to be honest, don't really care if no one reads it.

So lets talk about something a little more serious, today whilst on my bus my friend was talking about gay's in general, to my other friend and all was fine until my friend(... wait this is getting confusing lets say my best friend is called Stew my other friend is called frizzy), OK so as I was saying frizzy then says to Stew and "yeah I hate gays". OK lets get this straight people in my family are gay you are saying you hate my some of my family without even knowing any of their name's. For me personally, I don't care if your my best friend or even my mum that is not OK!

I don't think many people realise that 20 years ago hardly anyone would have accepted gays, 10 years ago a small fraction now majority of the world accepts them. I don't get how you don't see this its obvious the world is changing and you either accept it or get left behind in a ditch!. Yes if your wondering I did say that to her face I was very annoyed.

From a person who has a family member that's gay and he lived with us for a while, and I for a fact know he suffered cause he was worried no one would except him if he came out. He vomited up his food and didn't eat because he was suffering from depression and anxiety. When he went back home (we live in different countries) he told his mum first and she simply said " I know" I think most of my family knew by that point but no one told him, because we knew he'd tell us once he'd excepted it himself.

He's happy now and i'm sorry but he has no need to suffer anymore and hear that people hate him because guess what. You don't know them, you don't deserve to know them. This person who hasn't even met him let alone know my cousin has already said she hated him. And to me that's basically saying you hate me too. Because if you know me you know my family means a whole lot too me. And most of them have gone through there fair share of disgusting and terrible stuff, being in the past and present. 

Also may I add that frizzys friend is Gay (lets call her sing song) and she's not telling frizzy because and I quote "If I find out one of my friends are gay we wont be friends anymore", to me that's sick, and for that I am no longer her friend I will never be friends with someone who is mean to my family or my friends.

Sorry this is a bit less happy than the normal
And thanks for reading if anybody actually is,
I hope you stick around but if not BYE!
Love Nixie xox