Saturday, 26 November 2016

Im Bad At Tests

Warning this might be boring.

Hi Guys

So lets just say i'm bad at tests I get stressed I cry and I have panic attacks. Now a lot of people embrace anxiety with open arms let it become who they are and like to brag about it. Now its weird because it's like anxiety has become a trend and something cool so when someone says to me "I wish I had anxiety, it's cool" now no one knows I have anxiety except for two friends and my parents and of course my therapist but this girl really set me off I was appalled by the thought of someone wanting to have this baggage 24/7 that  stops you from doing some amazing things.

Anyway back to the point I had a big math test and I did terrible in it! Now not terrible like I got 10 out of 100 but terrible for me, I am pretty good at maths but a certain girl shook me that day because of what she said Ireally stressed and I ended up having 3 panic attacks on that day (right before the test).

When I got my mark I went to the bathroom and vomited, I felt terrible about myself so the next day I organised a meeting with my math teacher. Before I even said a word he said to me "don't worry iv'e already talked to the head of the math department" I was stunned by this, he then went on to say that he'd put me in a high class.

When our conversation had ended I ran to my friends and jumped up and down in excitement and might have let out a small squeal. But one of my friends did not seem to excited about it because I would have most likely been in her class but because I moved up it was now unlikely.

But i'm just so happy my teacher already knew and put me in a high class

OK thanks for reading if anyone is
See ya next time

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