Monday, 12 September 2016

Caring too much

Hi guys

About three or four days ago I went to a music lesson meaning I had to leave during a class. As I was opening the door I pushed the door instead of pull as I exited when I closed the door the teacher said Oh My God how blonde can you get (I am not blonde). Once my friend told me she said this at the time I didn't really mind but the more the day went on and the more I thought about it. I have social anxiety I care a lot about what people think about me and probably more than what I think about myself.  

Anyway she said this in front of the whole class, I would have expected it from a student but a teacher? Aren’t they supposed to be the people to stop that sort of stuff not create it. Please tell me if i’m overreacting or you would react the same way.

Thanks for reading (if anyone is actually reading this lol)

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